Twenty filters have been purchased from Sawyer Products in Florida and sent to Ben Hatta (see Blog below) for distribution by local young people. The Sawyer distributor in Tome, Togo is Kaba Fast, who supplied the SP180 Bucket Kit, based on a voucher from Sawyer Products. Ben purchased the buckets locally which cost twice as much as in the USA. I have agreed to pay $70 each for distribution, which includes transportation, food, and expenses for the young people involved. They will assure the filters are properly installed, and teach the families how to back flush with the supplied syringe. They will also write a one-page report, and hopefully send pictures of the family. One such photo was just received from Ben, showing a smiling family who now has access to clean drinking water for ten years or more in the village of Agovoudou.

Sawyer Filters For Togo

The description and photos below are from Ben Hatta, who I met at the Global Assist Conference (Joni & Friends) on Feb 19, 2015. He is asking for hundreds of the Sawyer Point One Filters to be sent to Togo, the small country east of Ghana, Africa. I’m working on it!

  1. Introduction

In TOGO, only cities are provided with clean water through public pipes which is also for those who can afford it. The majority of the population is to drink the water which it finds cheaper and affordable . The consequence is this majority of the population is exposed to water diseases such us cholera, which kills hundreds of children every year; Botulism, Typhoid fever, Amoebic Dysentery, E. Coli, Streptococcus, etc…

II-The current water situation 

  1. The kind of water drunk by people in TOGO
  1. This kind of village people drink water from ponds in which live many bacteria . This water is not filtered and the increasing rate of children death is alarming because they have no access to hospitals.


Look at the water they drink

  1. The second source is wells dug everywhere without control.



Here we have the kind of water from wells which is also drunk without filtering. Many people who drink it are exposed to diseases.

  1. The consequences

In TOGO appeared a disease called ‘’Burili Ulcer’’ which is an ulcer which eats the flesh, especially the feet and the arms of those who are affected. This ulcer brought  hundreds of people to become disabled. Many of them have been amputees and we have reached them with wheelchairs and Bible.(see picture below) 



The SAWYER FILTER has been welcome and appreciated by the population of TOGO, whether in the cities or villages. Because in the cities even the water from pipes is full of particles and need to be firltered.



                                     The pond water                                         The Pond water filtered from  SAWYER Filter

IV- The Result



THE SAWYER FILTER installed in a local restaurant and the filtered water appreciated by the customers