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How Germs Spread

The projected audience for the video below is young Africans who welcome any kind of video, especially with color. In Malawi, “How Germs Spread” was enthusiastically received by several thousand villagers as a preview to “The Jesus Film”. To follow, please watch “Drippys Healthy Water Tips”. Our goal is to provide rural Africans with assistance in improving their sanitation practices so that their health improves. Help and partner with AWP with spreading these videos worldwide.

Search Vimeo using the below title, or ask AWP to send a free DVD. Contact Paul at for more information.


Last month African Water Projects partnered with Project Mañana, which personally delivers each Sawyer Filter Kit and provides training on its use and maintenance. Then, a community-based Clean Water Coordinator monitors each home placement and provides ongoing training on a regular basis. As part of their clean water project, these filters were put to great use.

Brian Berman, Project Mañana’s founder and president, says,

“Clean water is essential to every human’s survival. For most Americans, we simply take clean water for granted — we just turn on the tap and clean water emerges. That is not how it works in most of the world and certainly not in the Dominican Republic, where there is no clean drinking water available from any tap or public water source. Everyone in the Dominican Republic must drink filtered, bottled water. For many, the cost of buying water is simply too high. So, thanks to the AWP donation and Paul’s generosity, we were able to provide 100 families with easy in-home access to clean drinking water. This is a HUGE blessing. Each filter can produce roughly 150 gallons of clean drinking water per day. So that means that this donation has allowed severely impoverished men, women, and children to have access to 5.4 MILLION gallons of clean drinking water each year.

Apart from the physical blessing of clean water, this donation of filters by AWP has allowed our team to personally speak with 100 families about Jesus Christ — who provides the living water. While we are insistent that everyone should have access to clean water, we’re more concerned that everyone have a close personal relationship with Jesus as their savior. Giving a family the gift of a clean water filter allows us to share the gospel message with them.”


Project Mañana has had recent success in achieving 100% distribution of clean water filters to the community of San Pablo (roughly 330 families equaling 2,000+ people). Project Mañana is now able to expand to other communities in desperate need of clean drink water. El Copey was the first of the additional communities and we have plans of many more distributions throughout the Dominican Republic.


As Project Mañana’s founder, Brian’s involvement is rooted at the most basic level all the way up to the highest level of executive leadership. Brian goes on to say, “I’m so proud of our team and all the partners like AWP who are literally changing thousands of lives. On a day to day basis, I get to watch as children learn to read, write, solve math problems, eat a nutritious meal, drink clean water, and hear the word of God. What greater reward could anyone ask for!!!”

Please enjoy this video Project Mañana has pieced together: 

By Victoria Gama, The Masters University